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The Writing is On the Wall - Idaho is Becoming Like Oregon

Liberalism is the destruction of the individual, family and community and shows its ugliness in poverty, crime, dependency and government overreach. Many of these signs are showing in Idaho. Here's the writing on the wall!

Do too many Idahoans have the illusion that Idaho could never become like Oregon? Not many years ago a similar illusion blinded the eyes of people in Washington, California, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado. They would not see when they still could have made a difference, now these states, once conservative, are ultra-liberal. Their cities are overcome with homelessness, drugs, homosexuality, crime, dependency and overpowering government regulations. These once tranquil, productive, independent communities are now cesspools of liberalism. Why did they not recognize the writing on the wall and act? Will Idahoans do the same? We shall see.

The signs are right in front of our eyes. A rising influx of homelessness, billions of dollars being pumped into food stamps, government housing, welfare programs and even Idaho state institutions that help people “safely” do drugs.

The influence of the Idaho government has never been more powerful in the lives of everyday Idahoans. Idaho bureaucrats increased spending nearly 25% over the past five years. Government employment in Idaho is now pushing 120,000 people. Dependency on the federal government to pay Idaho’s bills has never been higher and Washington D.C. has more control over Idaho than it ever has.

Liberalism is the destruction of the individual, family, and community and shows its ugliness in poverty, crime, dependency and government overreach. Many of these signs are showing in Idaho. The writing is on the wall!

A turn around at this point is still possible but it will not be easy. Hundreds of thousands of people have become dependent upon the Idaho government to live. This dependency translates into more dependency, more state programs, more homelessness, more crime, weaker families and justifies the growth of government power.

Idaho officials, like Governor Brad Little, are increasing this dependency by taking massive amounts of federal money, increasing personal taxes, creating new welfare programs and increasing funding to the existing programs. Combine this with those who are employed by the state and over half of the people who live in Idaho receive government money to sustain their living. So, a turn around from liberalism is possible in Idaho, but will not be simple.

Begin taking state programs away and we will see those benefiting fight like their life depends upon it. The same goes for decreasing the size of a government agency. Those in the agency will fight like there is no other job available in the world. So turning Idaho around will not be blissful.

40% of Idaho's budget goes to health and human services (welfare). Over 1/3 of our income comes from Washington D.C. So keeping Idaho from becoming an Oregon will take some tenacity, some real grit! Are Idahoans up for it? We shall see.

We know the current Idaho regime will not be the ones to turn Idaho from liberalism. Brad Little and the establishment have had control of the Idaho Governor's Office, House, and Senate for nearly 4 decades and yet most of the Republican platform is not being implemented in Idaho. With an all Republican government, one would think Idaho would be the most conservative state in the U.S., but it continues to drop on the freedom index every year. If Idahoans are going to keep Idaho from becoming an Oregon, Washington or California type state then we must rid ourselves first of the current Idaho regime!

A new lineup of Idaho officials is required. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Controller and so on. These officials must rein in the Idaho bureaucracies and diminish the people's dependency upon the state! They must end the state's dependency upon the federal government by opening up Idaho land and resources to the people, creating wealth that will allow the Idaho government and the Idaho people to pay their own bills! They must also ensure that Idahoans can freely trade with each other, travel and worship how they desire without threat!

So the question remains today. Will the People of Idaho ignore the writing on the wall and become like liberal Oregon or will they take action now to Keep Idaho IDAHO?

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